Monument Beach

About Me

When did you decide to get involved in real estate? I got involved in real estate at the age of 18. My dad was a real estate broker and I loved working with him. My dad was a good man, a military man, very honest and respectful. I admired him and learned a lot from him.

What is the best part of your job? Definitely the people I have met. I have made so many friends and it's amazing how connected we all are. Stories about our children, lifestyle changes, downsizing, assisting our parents based on the way our lives have evolved.

What is the worst part of your job? Absolutely waiting!!!! Every transaction with a sale, when it comes to having to wait to hear on offers from buyers and/or sellers everyone in my family knows it. I truly go through the process of emotions with my clients when it comes to having to wait for answers. Lot's of pacing around my office!

If you where a type of property how would you describe yourself? The classic Cape Cod cottage. I want you to feel welcome, relaxed and enjoy a very tailored personal experience. It comes very natural to me to please people. I have volunteered throughout my life as a coach, rotary, school activities, food pantry and senior center. I have always encourage my children to support their communities. It truly does take a Village. 

What is the best advice you give your clients? Try not to get discouraged. Stay focused, everything happens for a reason and most times you end up with better results than you originally thought. Buying and Selling is stressful. I'm pretty funny they say, so laughter can be the best medicine. I have had so many moments of deep belly laughing with tears streaming down our faces. Sometimes you just need a moment to decompress and reset your emotions.